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Legendary Crew

This guide is written from the perspective of a behold where all characters are new to you and attempts to rank the relative usefulness of the options.  Because we can’t analyze each individual roster, existing fusion is ignored.  However, fusion is the most important thing to consider when choosing a character. 


Our tiers have been written to try to think about usefulness overall.  Something that’s a gamebreaker is going to be immediately additive to most rosters even at 1 / 5.  Tiers two and three are going to be your best bets for longterm citation projects or to collect extra stars.  


But, again, fusion is paramount.  A fully fused tier 8 character will get more use for most people than a 1 / 5 tier 2 or 3.  Also, try to be mindful of who else you have at what fusions before you chase new stars.  The goal of most beholds should be to round out existing weaknesses, not conglomerate strength into one or two skills just because a given option is “good.”  If you are seriously lacking good med on your roster and get a behold that has Gary Seven, AF Bashir, and Shinzon - you should take Gary Seven.  If that behold is AF Dax, AF Bashir, and Shinzon - well, despite her being very good, you should probably take Bashir over Dax.  


Where the rankings get a little murky, honestly, is in the middle - the “has use” and “eh” buckets.  Those are cards that are neither great nor bad, but will have a use for you in some area of the game.  Some of our choices here are surprising.  We’ve tried to consider stat creep and how much use a character will serve for you in the future outside of one of two events.  


We generally favor main cast or crew that have a deep assortment of traits, and voyages over base skills (outside of main crew who will get a small boost if they have an usual primary skill for events - like Chef Riker).  We also have a small harsh bias towards the new crew, as people  will also look at this book for help in deciding “do I chase this Tuesday pack character?”  If it’s someone like Medic Jett, that’s your money to spend, and she’s really solid, so knock your socks off.  If it’s someone like Maras, oh god no.  Is Maras as horrible as some crew in her same tier?  Probably not, but for a newer one, she’s not worth chasing - despite having a solid dip base.


We’ll often hear from people something like, “I went ham on that Tuesday pack, and now Maras is my second-best dip, and I think it’s a war crime that you’ve ranked her as trash.”  Again, as I said earlier, fusion is the most important part of character selection.  A fully fused piece of trash like Maras is going to outshine almost all 1 / 5s in your roster.  Unless it’s Professor Sato.  


Resources - time, money, and otherwise - are limited in this game.  The strategy comes in how to maximize them (more on that topic to follow in a later guide).

Super Rare Crew​

Despite their label, Super Rares (or purples as they are otherwise known) are quite common in this game. The developers aren’t stingy with handing out purples to players; events can potentially give you 2 fully fused purples, the monthly campaign gives one purple, the daily log-ins give you a single star on a purple each month, and purples can start dropping on voyages after the 6 hour mark. Since many players are often constrained by in-game resources, the question becomes: which purples will give you the best return on your investment? 


The reality is that all purples are not created equal. Many are a complete waste of resources. Some are just a checkmark on completing a collection, and others will be waiting in the freezer until their next event (main crew variants). 90% of all the purples you level will act as stop gaps until your roster is developed with more golds. This guide attempts to help you determine which purples to pursue and level up / which to pick in a behold.


Our tiers are the same for purple and gold crew, with the exception that we remove the “gamebreaker” tier for purples - so very nice becomes tier 1, etc.  Tier 1 purples will be immediately additive to your crew and will serve a lasting purpose even after you progress in the game.  Purples ranked as airlock or garbage are collectors pieces or may see an event or two for which you can unfreeze.  


Unlike golds, fusion is somewhat irrelevant.  As seasoned players will tell you, thanks to pulls, voyages, and campaigns, you will build up a decent collection of 4/4s over time.  All purples should be viewed with an eye towards eventually being able to fully fuse and freeze (or popsicle as we say here sometimes).  It may take a while, but it’s the end goal for most seasoned players.  If you are constrained for space and need to throw someone away now, don’t worry - odds are, you’ll see them again later when you may have more resources you can use to level and freeze them.

Finally, when in doubt about options, it’s your game and it’s up to you.  But here’s the order of operations we generally consider:

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eXo Behold Guide

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tiers & Rankings

Tiers & Rankings

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