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Math Notebook and Calculator


The mathematical tiers below represent an attempt at deriving a quantitative ranking system for characters in Star Trek Timelines, based on a variety of factors, including:

     - Base skills

     - Base pairs

     - Total voyage score

     - Voyage pairs

     - Total voyage score

     - Total gauntlet score

     - Ship ability

     - Stat-boosting collections

     - Traits

     - Event count

Rare skill mixes and "one trick ponies" (i.e. crew that excels in a single area) are noted and given a boost in rank tier.

As with all of our ranks, these are presented irrespective of stat bonuses (from collections or fleet) and fusion.  Read the Big Book or eXo Book comments for a more subjective rank which takes into account other intangible factors.

For an editable version of this spreadsheet in which you can adjust your own inputs and weights, see the link here.

Note: This is optimized for desktop viewing.

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